About Us


HOKA is born from a needs – a problem that every HOREKA owners had – we want to give our consumers a faster, better, & cheaper alternatives for their business supply needs.

HOKA is a one stop solution e-commerce platform for F&B business owners, and we will focus on fresh products (vegetables, poultry, dairy, cooking oil, and others) on our early stage.


HOKA name consists of our two core values, “HOKI” and “HOREKA”. The name is in line with our mission to empower and help every F&B business owner to get a better supplier alternative to growing their business. It is in our blood to make every one of our customers feeling “HOKI” while doing business with us.

#HokibersamaHoka    #Hokainaja

HOKA Promise

We want to be the top of mind brand for F&B business owners, when people looking for a supplier, they remember of HOKA.

Food & beverage, café, restaurants, ingredients, and fresh is the element that we would like to see on our graphic and branding elements.

We want people to feel that we are faster, better, cheaper when customer perceived our brand.

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